Pembrokeshire County Council


Pembrokeshire County Council is the local authority for the county of Pembrokeshire. It provides a range of services to the public including housing, education, and social services.


Practice Solutions has delivered a number of projects for Pembrokeshire Council, including: the development of the Early Years Pathfinder system; a review and report of the legacy grant fund scheme; the establishment of Innovation Forums to enage multi-sector partners; and co-produced digital stories (see below).

Case Study – Co-Produced Digital Stories


As part of the council’s end of year report, Practice Solutions was commissioned to create a series of digital stories capturing a variety of social services.


Our digital team worked with different groups of service users, including children in care and people with neurodivergency, to co-produce the videos. Participants were involved in a series of workshops, teaching storytelling techniques and video production skills.


The videos were written and filmed by the participants, giving a truly unique insight into how services are delivered from the people that use them.


You can find out more about these services in our Video Production and Co-Produced Digital Stories sections.

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