Making sure the voices of people who matter are heard

For organisations, working co-productively can require a huge change in culture – it’s important to engage both your staff and the individuals using your service with the process. 

At Practice Solutions, we support individuals to make their voices heard. We work alongside groups of individuals, helping them to feel supported, confident and prepared to take an active role in having a say about the delivery of services they experience. 

We facilitated the Welsh Government’s first National Social Services Citizen Panel, which was central to the development of the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014

Drawing upon the knowledge and experience of individuals to develop policies and services that are responsive to community need, we offer: 

  • Training 
  • Briefing  
  • Support and attendance at co-produced meetings and events 
  • Administrative and event support 

To find out more about community and citizen engagement, get in touch today.

Lewis Gwyther
Business Development & Marketing Lead
01443 742386

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