NHS Wales


NHS Wales is the publicly-funded healthcare system in Wales, part of the National Health Service. It delivers healthcare services via seven local health boards, three NHS trusts and two special health authorities.


Practice Solutions has worked on numerous projects with NHS Wales – both nationally and with regional health boards – including: digital stories for practioner training with Public Health Wales; consultancy on creating a one-stop shop for social care with Hwyel Dda UHB; an engagement panel for people affect by persistent pain for Powys Teaching Health Board; and a review in Mental Health services (see below).



Case Study – Beyond Covid


In 2020, Practice Solutions was commissioned to review service developments in Mental Health during the Covid-19 pandemic.


The report researched and analysed how Mental Health services in NHS Wales were affected by Covid-19, including impact measuring, thematic analysis and surveying staff and service users.


The 60-page document provided a detailed reflection on how well services adapted to the pandemic, areas for improvement, and lessons to be taken forward in services.


You can find out more about these services in our Good Practice Reviews and Organisational Engagement sections.

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