Effectively engage and co-produce with people that use your services and products

It’s never been more important to engage with the people that use services. Establishing citizen groups, such as panels or forums, is a valuable and democratic way to inform design, delivery and improvements.

Moreover, co-production is the approach we should all be taking to inform service design and improvement. It can feel daunting to embark on the journey of co-production alone, and we’re here to help.

How Sarah can help

Sarah Day has over 20 years of experience working on national and local engagement projects, ensuring citizen voice is at the heart of service development and improvement.

She was the lead facilitator that supported the work of the National Citizen Panel, which was central to the development of the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2016.

Since 2019, she has been a critical friend for the Practice Solutions team providing independent support for the Wales Mental Health and Wellbeing Forum. The Forum informs Welsh Government and health board decision making on mental health services in Wales.

As part of her role leading the business delivery unit for ADSS Cymru, Sarah is at the forefront of the innovation and best practice around engaging with citizens that is taking place across the country.

What you get

In your Power Hour, Sarah will offer bespoke guidance and support on how to establish and run successful citizen engagement projects and panels.

Placing people at the centre of your service offers unparalleled insight and advice for organisations, and it needn’t be difficult to set up. No-one has a clearer understanding of your services and their effectiveness than the people that use them.

Listening to voices of experience ensures that your organisation is as impactful and cost-effective as possible.

Topics in your bespoke Power Hour can include:

  • Establishing a groups
  • Reaching communities that are seldom heard
  • Supporting participants to contribute
  • Converting feedback into actionable change
  • Celebrating the contributions of participants
  • Ensuring longevity and self-sufficiency

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Engagement shouldn’t be a one-off event – it can be an everyday part of your strategic development, ensuring you continue to make a real difference.

Start your citizen panel journey today with a Power Hour.

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