Keeping your practice current and relevant

Understanding change and capturing data systematically allows you to see, at a glance, what works for your organisation and where things can improve.  

Our good practice reviews provide independent evaluation of:  

  • The changes your services have undergone  
  • The innovation and acceleration of your existing practices  

Through reflective conversations and surveys, we will build an understanding of your requirements and the needs of those who use your services. We will support you to develop your service in a way that is both safe and transformative. 

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Do you need support for your organisation?

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Engaged with over 20 MH organisations through COVID-19 Good Practice Review


Our Good Practice Reviews can take between 8 - 12 weeks


Our facilitated discussions are limited to 7 to ensure best practice


We use 4 tools to collect the data we need

We are using four tools to collect and collate information:

  1. A series of reflective (online) conversations with leaders, practitioners and support staff
  2. A written reflective journal (team or individual) submitted in advance to maximise use of meeting time and enable discussion to concentrate on stories and case studies that amplify the key messages
  3. An online survey for frontline staff to contribute their observations and reflections
  4. An online sample survey of service users who have accessed services during lockdown

Reflective Conversations (60-90 minutes)

  • A series of online group discussions to help teams to reflect on lessons learned and good practice
  • Group discussions are (ideally) limited to no more than 7 participants and 2 facilitators per session
  • Participants are asked to submit a reflective journal (team or individual) in advance
  • Group discussions are multi-disciplinary/multi-professional and, where appropriate, cross-organisational

The reflective journals capture the detail of the good practice that has been identified and the lessons learned.

The group discussions amplify the responses received from individuals/teams and bring to life the stories behind the changes that have taken place.

Survey for frontline staff

We also undertake a short online survey of staff across the relevant services to check the ‘staff barometer’ of how it really feels to be working and supporting service users during this time.

Survey for service users

Using similar technology, we can also capture a snapshot of service user experience so far, where individuals have used services.

Timescale:  will vary depending on the scale & complexity of the review.  Ideally would take 8-12 weeks.

Our Team:  our facilitators will be selected based on relevant skills and experience to each review.

Costs:  a range of bespoke options can be developed and costed, according to the level of evaluation to be conducted and the number of services and participants to be involved.


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