Here2there is a digital technology company committed to making a real difference to people’s lives. Their new desktop and mobile app ForMi is a person-centred planning and outcome recording tool for orangisations providing personalised support.

Case Study – Here2there App Evaluation


In 2021, Practice Solutions was commissioned to carry out an evaluation of the app. We worked with five organisations to monitor how the app was used and review if the app improved previous systems and processes, with a particular focus on person-centred working, outcomes recording, and voice and control.


Practice Solutions conducted a series of interviews, workshops and observations across Wales to track the app’s usage and gather feedback. This was then collated into a 24-page report, including case studies and recommendations.


The report found that the app met the highest standards, aligning well with guidance and legislation in Wales. Respondents were enthusiastic about its abilities and potential.


You can find out more about these services in our Reviews and Evaluations and Citizen and Community Engagement sections.

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