Bring fresh eyes and new skills to a service review or project evaluation

Our combined collective experience and specialist skillsets mean we are equipped to help you make informed decisions about services, projects or programmes.  

We can help you see your project from a totally new vantage point

We offer specific, independent assessments, such as project evaluations, in depth service reviews, rapid reviews or feasibility studies, or we can work with you to identify areas of support that could be improved or developed such as remodelling services.  

We will:  

  • Consult with your team and engage with your stakeholders at every level to understand their perspective and experience  
  • Consolidate and analyse the information obtained to propse a plan of action
  • Work with you to identify and mitigate risks
  • Support you to make better informed decisions about the design and delivery of your services
  • Develop a communications plan to share these agreed strategies with your stakeholders, staff and service users

Get in touch today to discuss your team’s specific requirements. 

Lewis Gwyther
Business Development & Marketing Lead
01443 742386

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