Dynamic, engaging, accessible

We can help you to create effective, engaging content for your audience on the platform that works best for them – whether that’s using actors or animation.

A digital video can provide an accessible and engaging way to tell a story, explain key information or convey a specific message to a large number of people.

We can work with you to produce and mange:

  • Digital stories
  • Co-produced videos
  • How-to videos and guides
  • Original script-based videos
  • Awareness raising / public health messages
  • Promotional videos
  • Digital training
  • Editing and subtitling
  • Digitising and archiving

Your video could be filmed with actors, animated, illustrated or text-based. Whatever your preference, your video will be created in an original way to suit your needs.

Our digital resources are fully accessible and we provide bilingual voiceovers and/or subtitling services. Our industry experitise allows us to understand the varied and complex needs of your sector and we specialise in capturing the voices of both professionals and individuals with lived experience.

If you’re interested in our video production services, get in touch today

Becky Holmes
Digital Lead
01443 742384

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