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  • Healthcare and Wellbeing Consulting
  • Patient Advocacy
  • Academic Healthcare Research
  • Health Inequity
  • Workforce Resilience
I am passionate about equipping women to thrive after cancer, tackling health inequities and helping leaders to boost workforce resilience. I believe that everyone deserves to be heard, understood and thrive no matter their life circumstances.

With over three decades experience of dealing with cancer, Bami realised that surviving cancer is one thing, living life to the full is another. Bami gives women tools to thrive after cancer as she believes there is more to life than merely existing after diagnosis. In her opinion, survival is a bus stop, thriving is the destination.


In 2017, Bami published her first book titled Navigating Your New Normal. She defined ‘new normal’ within the context of trauma long before the term came into popular use in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. You can call her the queen of thriving in new normal. The framework she introduced was designed to equip leaders for boosting and sustaining resilience in a changed work landscape.


Bami’s passion for improving healthcare provision has led to me consulting on health inequity issues and creating bespoke content for various organisations, including Health Education and Improvement Wales (HEIW). She lends her expertise to academia as a Researcher, Patient Teaching Partner and Visiting Lecturer at Cardiff University.


Bami love sgiving back, so she’s an Ambassador for Maggie’s Centres and Cancer Research UK. She is also a Public Health Volunteer for Breast Cancer Now. One of her mantras is: ‘I am here to make things better’.

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