In a world where we seem to be busier than ever, innovation across all industries is still happening at a rapid pace. The daily grind of business-as-usual can be stifling to creativity and it can be hard to justify a day out of the office doing ‘blue-sky stuff’.

But, as the public sector continues to balance increasing demand with less resources, then who’s coming up with the bright ideas to do things differently?

As the public sector continues to face unprecedented challenges, it’s easy for teams to lose sight of the value of having time away from daily stresses, time to explore new ideas, work together effectively, and have fun. But we did exactly that when we invited our Core Team, Associates and Expert Facilitators to join us in a day of challenge, discussion, reflection and looking forward.

And if you’re wondering if this sounds like something your team could benefit from, we caught up with some of the attendees, organisers, and facilitators after the Challenge Day and asked them how they benefitted from being there and what they enjoyed about the day.

Read on and find out what they said…

What is a Challenge Day? And why have one?

Challenge Days are an opportunity for the team to take some time out of the work place, and connect and collaborate through tasks which are tailor-made to engage and hone in on their individual and collective strengths and skills.

We wanted our Challenge Day to provide a creative space, away from the office, in which our teams could tackle a real-life organisational challenge (set at the beginning of the day) while also generating innovative thinking, having fun and doing some good by raising money for charity. We decided to inspire participants further by introducing the inaugural Challenge Day Cup as a tangible reminder of the day and their achievements together.

Did we achieve that? Well, here’s what one of our Associates, Becky felt she took away from the day:

“I really enjoyed the eclectic mix of people and talent present. The day felt fast-paced and interesting, and I came away buzzing with ideas from the tasks we were set but also from interesting conversations I had.”

Becky Holmes, PSL Associate

There’s no doubt many of us have been to our fair share of generic team building days. However, with our recent Challenge Day, we created an event where participants had an enjoyable experience that supported meaningful connection between the time out and their day-to-day work. The format meant that they came away actively thinking and feeling more positively about the difference their work makes, and valuing what they and their colleagues each bring to our organisation.

“How does innovation happen? Well, it’s generally not by sitting in a room on your own strategising for months, but it can be by diving headfirst into a group experience of rapid idea generation, refinement, and testing. As an organiser and facilitator of the PSL Challenge Day, that’s what we set out to create – an energising experience where the Practice Solutions team felt safe, but stretched, to think creatively about innovating for future product development.”

Neil Prior, Challenge Day Facilitator

The day was planned meticulously, from selecting the perfect venue i.e. Y Cwt Centre on the peaceful Longacre Farm in Pendoylan, to creating a format packed with Apprentice-style tasks (and the occasional curve ball!) in the context of current challenges for the public sector. We were exceptionally well looked after by the Y Cwt team, enabling us to enjoy everything from the beautiful countryside surroundings to their delicious refreshments.  

Throughout the day, we were joined by various experts. Some who helped with setting the scene and broadening our understanding of the challenges being faced across the public sector. Participants were also introduced to some new tools and models to help them think bigger, assimilate information and make decisions. And in the final session we were joined by….


Yes, each team presented their proposal to a panel of judges: Sarah Day (CEO), Mark Roderick (Lived Experience Expert) and Paula Timms (Business Development and Delivery Director at Children in Wales), who had the unenviable task of choosing the winning team and awarding the inaugural Challenge Cup!

Congratulations to Team Digi Bridge!

The day closed with drinks at the neighbouring Llanerch Vineyard, where participants and facilitators could relax together and reflect on the thoughts and ideas that came out of the day.

The Feedback

“I think the Practice Solutions day produced some fantastic ideas that can bring innovation to their public sector clients, and in doing so, also demonstrated the healthy growth-mindset and innovation culture of the organisation. It was an uplifting and inspiring day and I’m already looking forward to the next one.”

Neil Prior, Challenge Day Facilitator

“The purpose of the Challenge Day was to generate ideas whilst bringing fun and light-heartedness into what we were trying to achieve. It certainly felt that we did this. The participants worked seamlessly together as teams, with great suggestions for what opportunities could be developed. This really is representative of the way in which PSL and our Associates blend so well together to produce great outcomes.”

Holly Gretton, People Partner, Practice Solutions and ChAllenge Day Organiser

“I absolutely loved the PSL Challenge Day. From the moment we got there, to the drinks in the vineyard afterwards, the venue was perfect. I really enjoyed the eclectic mix of people and talent present – Associates, staff, and guest speakers.”

Lewis Gwyther, Assistant Director of Business Development, Practice Solutions

“The Challenge Day was an excellent way to bounce ideas, engage more with my colleagues and think differently about the challenges that we face in Wales. I have taken away from the day a renewed sense of optimism that, with the right people around the table and bold ideas, we can help to support and change Wales for future generations.”

Josh Beynon, Associate

Book a Challenge Day for your team

We invite you to book a Challenge Day for your team, where we’ll create a bespoke, expertly planned day that supports everybody to take time out to think creatively, appreciate each other’s talents and strengths, and be stretched in a positive way.

We will:

  • Work with you to produce a bespoke challenge or set of challenges that engage in the issues most pertinent to your team’s work.
  • Bring together an expert panel who will facilitate, support and provide feedback and guidance to the teams throughout the day.
  • Deliver a meticulously planned day for your team, which will be so stimulating and enjoyable that it will fly by. Every detail will be thought out so that your team can relax and engage in creative thinking and supportive collaboration.
  • Find the perfect venue, catering, refreshments, and relaxed drinks to close the day.
  • Share a follow up team celebration note that will include supportive, constructive feedback and thanks to all participants from the panel, and suggestions for how to take ideas forward.

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