• Informed Decision Making for All Ages
  • Leadership and Leadership Mentoring
  • Service Development and Delivery
  • Multi-Stakeholder Engagement
I believe passionately in curiosity, active listening and a supportive ‘ask, do, review, ask again’ approach.

As a consultant medical geneticist for more than 20 years, Annie has been privileged to work in many diverse arenas, often completely unrelated to her clinical role, with responsibility for high impact service delivery and service change at local, Wales and UK levels.


Annie was director of the All Wales Medical Genetics Service for 10 years. Recently, she has retired from eight years as Director of Mental Health Services for Cardiff and Vale UHB and 20 years as a professional advisor to Antenatal Screening Wales and the UK Foetal, Maternal and Child Health Committee. She now works as the consultant clinical genetics lead for the newly developed All Wales Psychiatric Genetic Service.


Annie is passionate about responding to needs with high quality, safe, and meaningful change. This is delivered through a relational framework built on kind, compassionate, authentic conversations inwhich the opinions of all involved have equal value.


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